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Connected Solutions for a Connected Car

The BMW 7 Series is the automaker’s flagship product line and a marvel of modern engineering. It’s only fitting that the iconic brand’s top-of-the-line car features the most advanced and seamless music experience available on the open road today. What unifies music from various sources in all new 7s?  Simply put, innovative Gracenote technology.

MusicID Radio

In the new BMW 7 Series, Gracenote MusicID Radio bridges traditional radio to popular streaming services and other music sources. This gives drivers and passengers total control over the music experience through a unified interface resulting in greater ease of use and decreased distraction.

How It Works

When a driver hears a song she loves on FM radio, Gracenote can instantly connect her to other tracks, albums and playlists featuring the artist on services like Napster, Rhapsody and others. The key enabler of this advanced feature is Gracenote recognition technology.

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