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Creating a Next-Gen User Experience

For DIRECTV subscribers, the future is here today. Through a next-generation user experience, they’re able to navigate and interact with entertainment in new and innovative ways. The key enablers of the DIRECTV user experience are Gracenote video metadata, images and IDs.

TV Listings

The DIRECTV guide goes above and beyond your traditional on-screen guide by offering smart search and recommendations covering both linear TV and its Video on Demand catalog. These advanced features serve to drive content discovery and tune-in providing entirely new user experiences to DIRECTV subscribers.

Images Drive Navigation

Pixel-perfect images from Gracenote give DIRECTV users a full picture of what’s worth watching by complementing text-based program and episode descriptions.

Gracenote IDs (TMS)

DIRECTV offers smart recommendations for shows and movies viewers are likely to enjoy based on factors like preferences, viewing history and popularity. The key ingredients of this advanced feature are Gracenote data and Gracenote IDs (TMS) which together open up a new world of content discovery for users.

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