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Covering the Wide World of Sports

Working with Europe’s top sports media requires a deep understanding of all of the region’s sports, leagues, teams and players. That’s why Eurosport turned to Gracenote to power its market-leading Web site in 2009. Gracenote Sports data is now a key ingredient behind Eurosport’s online coverage of more than 25 popular sports in 12 languages.

Data Breadth

From soccer and rugby to cycling and motorsports, Gracenote provides rich, accurate information for the sports that European fans are most passionate about. This has helped make Eurosport the region’s go-to sports entertainment destination.

Live Results

Real-time game scores, stats and results are brought to Eurosport fans courtesy of Gracenote Sports editors who keep a keen eye on each and every competition as it unfolds. The trove of historical game data is also powered by Gracenote.

Player Profiles

Detailed athlete profiles for every sport offer rich data such as age, height and weight, current and former teams and teammates, previous titles and honors, statistics and much more. This lets sports fans learn more about their favorite players as well as research the lineups for upcoming matches.

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