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Japan Sport Council Playing to Win in 2020

Sports governing bodies and National Olympic Committees (NOCs) responsible for making critical decisions on athlete development and strategic planning rely on high performance analysis from Gracenote Sports to guide their efforts and maximize wins. One such organization is the Japan Sport Council whose mission is to set the country up for success at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and beyond that, at the 2020 Games which will be contested on its home turf in the capital city of Tokyo.

High Performance Analysis

As host of the 2020 Olympics Games, Japan and its athletes will be at the center of the world’s attention with nothing less than national pride at stake. In order to ensure peak performance in key events, the Japan Sport Council leverages historical results data and forward-looking insights from Gracenote Sports’ Podium offering.

Analytics for the Global Sports Community

Beyond the Japan Sport Council, more than 30 other governing bodies around the world from the United States Olympic Committee to UK Sport to the Brazilian Olympic Committee rely on critical data and analytics from Podium to help shape their sports policies and inform resource allocation decisions.


Data-Driven Sports Insights

Gracenote manages the world’s deepest sports database covering more than 250 of its most popular competitions including all Summer and Winter Olympic events. Running on top of this rich trove of data, Podium is a must-have tool offering services such as results monitoring and benchmarking, talent identification, forecasting, predictive analysis and reporting.

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