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LG and Gracenote Show You What’s On

LG is tapping Gracenote to deliver an easier way for viewers to navigate and find what they want to watch. By selecting Gracenote to power their On Now service, the LG Smart TV lineup in Europe provides viewers with TV schedules and listings, movie and TV show descriptive metadata, as well as Cover Art and images.

Smart Recommendations

LG On Now is a simplified TV interface giving viewers a snapshot of TV show and movies that are currently playing, as well as content available from on-demand sources. Gracenote’s TV listings enable the On Now service to show both local and national channel information, while Gracenote descriptive metadata offers movie and TV show recommendations based on related programs and viewing preferences.

Simplified Discovery

Gracenote also provides rich visual images to enhance the On Now graphical interface, displaying photos of cast and crew, popular actors and filmmakers. When combined with TV and movie Cover Art from the Gracenote database, viewers are able to quickly navigate which programs to watch using On Now – without having to read too much on-screen text or scroll through endless choices.

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