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Gracenote Puts the Smart in Philips TVs

Gracenote and Philips are transforming TVs into smart media hubs, where viewers can easily find and access movies and TV programs across broadcast and on-demand sources, as well as receive program recommendations.

A Tale of Too Much Content

With more and more broadcast TV channels and on-demand movie services being added to Smart TVs, many viewers are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices. They can’t find what they want to watch when the moment strikes. This challenged the Philips team to create a smarter, more intuitive interface for its new line of Smart TVs.

Driving Discovery with Video Data

Gracenote teamed with Philips to intelligently organize the video data for all broadcast programming and on-demand services in the Philips Net TV service. This allowed the Philips Smart TV team to create a centralized hub for all TV and OTT content, where viewers can browse and easily find programs to watch from a single location or “hub.”

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