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Storytelling with the Second Screen

Syfy Sync allows you to go inside your favorite Syfy shows in a whole new way. The Syfy Sync app listens to the episode you are watching and delivers behind the scenes photos, trivia, games and more to your tablet or smart phone. It gives you a whole new level of interaction with your favorite Syfy shows.

Creating a Lean-in TV Experience

Gracenote and Syfy are tapping into the potential of the second screen, providing TV viewers a way to sync their mobile devices with TV programming to unlock interactive content and dive deeper into storylines.


Powered by Gracenote

Syfy has picked Gracenote Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) platform to power its Syfy Sync iOS App, allowing fans to sync their iPad with specific segments of the show to unlock interactive content.


How it Works

Gracenote uses the built-in microphone in tablets and smart phones to identify a TV show by “listening” to a few seconds of the program dialogue and soundtrack. For fans, the Gracenote technology lets them sync their iPads with the TV program and unlock bonus content, notes from the set, viewer polls and plotlines at key points throughout the broadcast.

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