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Gracenote Enhances the Toyota Music Experience

Gracenote music recognition technology, metadata and licensed Album Cover Art help make it easier for Toyota drivers to enjoy and manage their digital music collection with Toyota Entune™ – enabled multimedia systems.

Music Recognition

Gracenote technologies are the industry standard for music recognition. And since many drivers now have thousands of songs stored on their mobile phones and portable media devices, Toyota realized it was critical for drivers to easily access and navigate their massive music collections.

“Play Artist Ke$ha”

Gracenote improves voice recognition for music search, letting Toyota drivers and passengers access their favorite artists and albums with simple voice commands. Where this really comes into play is with hard to pronounce artist names, irregular spellings and nicknames. For example the system has no issues recognizing artists such as Ke$ha and “The Boss.”

“More Like This”

To help drivers hear more of the music they love, Gracenote More Like This associates detailed Genre, Origin, Era, and Artist Type information with the driver’s music collection, letting them create similar music playlists spanning multiple genres.


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