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VUDU Disc-to-Digital

Home theater enthusiasts have spent years building their DVD and Blu-ray libraries only to see the world move increasingly from physical media to streaming and Cloud based services. So, what’s a home theater geek to do with all of those shiny discs? Introducing VUDU In-home Disc-to-Digital.

 Video Recognition

The VUDU In-Home Disc to Digital service makes converting and storing discs in the Cloud easy by tapping into Gracenote’s video recognition technology and database featuring metadata for popular movies and TV shows. Once Gracenote analyzes and identifies the discs, VUDU users can choose to purchase high definition and standard definition versions for viewing – anytime, anywhere – from their compatible tablet, Mac, PC and HDTV.

How it Works

  • Sign up for VUDU Disc to Digital
  • Download the “VUDU to go” software to your PC
  • Insert your DVD and have Gracenote identify the disc
  • Convert a Standard Definition disc for $2 or convert to HD for $5

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