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Real-Time Data for Connected Sports Fans

Gracenote is the world leader in Sports data services. Gracenote Sports has hundreds of data specialists who collect, analyze and publish scores and statistics for the world’s top professional leagues and teams. This data serves as the backbone for top print and online media, fantasy and gaming sites, as well as cable and satellite TV providers.

Scores and Statistics

Sports are driven by data like no other form of entertainment. It defines who wins and loses, and helps predict future outcomes. Gracenote data specialists capture and publish scores, schedules, standings, box scores, leaders, play-by-play, transactions, injuries, odd and matchups and other critical datasets.

Athlete Biographies

Gracenote produces, edits and curates biographies for thousands of athletes and teams, featuring personal information, career milestones, wins and losses, teams played for and other critical information. These bios help support event programs and Web sites and aid journalists researching and writing stories.

News and Imagery

Great sports coverage requires words and imagery that captures the moment. Gracenote Sports has editorial teams that produce game previews, pre and post game roundups, news and feature stories, as well as feeds of official photographs and team logos to complement its scores and statistics.

Product Benefits

  • With the launch of Gracenote Sports, we are now the only company in the world to deliver the combination of video, music and sports data.
  • Gracenote data can easily be plugged into Web sites, broadcast boxes, community pages and fantasy applications, ensuring customer’s signature branding and design style is always consistent.
  • An archive of historical data covering players, teams, leagues and events dating back, in some cases, more than 100 years.
  • Flexible data delivery via XML, hosted solutions, widgets and APIs.
  • Gracenote data and editorial content is available in more than 17 languages for the world’s top sports.
  • The Gracenote Sports editorial team lives and breathes sports, ensuring that the data published is timely and accurate.

Sports Datasets

  • Scores
  • Statistics
  • Schedules
  • Box Scores
  • Leader Boards
  • Play-by-Play
  • Transactions
  • Injuries
  • Odds & Matchups

Editorial, Bios & Imagery

  • Game Previews
  • Recaps
  • Pre and Postgame Roundups
  • Wire Service
  • Player Biographies
  • Team Profiles
  • On-Site Event Statistics

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