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Unify Live Streaming Sports Discovery

Audiences have access to a growing amount of live sports on streaming services. Gracenote Streaming Sports Catalogs makes it easier for entertainment providers to let fans discover and watch their favorite leagues and teams amidst a complex and dynamic environment with scattered streaming rights across multiple OTT platforms.

Streaming Sports Availability Data

Live streaming sports matches and related content linked to Gracenote’s de facto industry standard identifiers

Coverage Across Major OTT Sources & Sports

Support for leading streaming service providers with expanding coverage across top popular sports leagues and teams

Unify Live Sports Search & Discovery

Essential for providing universal search and discovery experiences across platforms for the sports fan audience

Key Features

  • Aggregated, normalized metadata and OTT availability details for live sports matches and related content across streaming platforms and apps
  • Availability details including viewing options, pricing and deep links across streaming provider catalogs
  • Core metadata including sports event or program title, event start time, air date and description
  • Gracenote IDs across all content enable connectivity and cross media linking

Benefits for Customers

  • Access normalized metadata and OTT availability data, including deep link and viewing options, for live sports matches and content
  • Connect fans to live sports events by seamlessly integrating content from streaming sport providers into search and discovery experiences
  • Drive audience engagement with sports content by increasing awareness of live game availability for popular leagues as well as lesser-known sports
  • Simplify and accelerate integrations across streaming sports services with normalized Gracenote data across providers


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