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Connect Audiences with Streaming Shows & Movies

With an endless array of programs available to watch across more OTT platforms than ever before, it is becoming increasingly challenging than ever for viewers to find and access desired content where it is available. Gracenote’s Streaming Video Catalogs data set offers normalized OTT availability data for TV shows and movies across streaming providers around the world to help TV and video services power seamless search and discovery.

Streaming Video Availability Data

Streaming TV shows and movies linked to Gracenote’s de facto industry standard unique identifiers

Coverage Across Streaming Sources Worldwide

Support for hundreds of global and local OTT catalogs around the world

Seamless Integrated Search & Discovery

Essential for fueling universal streaming search and discovery experiences for audiences across OTT platforms and apps

Key Features

  • Aggregated, normalized metadata and OTT availability details for TV shows and movies across streaming platforms and apps
  • Availability details including viewing options, pricing and deep links across streaming provider catalogs
  • Core metadata including title and description
  • Gracenote IDs across all content enable connectivity and cross media linking

Benefits for Customers

  • Access normalized metadata and OTT availability data, including deep links and viewing options, for TV shows and movies on leading streaming services
  • Power OTT and integrated linear TV & OTT guides and services
  • Enable audiences to easily find and seamlessly connect with TV shows and movies available across multiple OTT platforms
  • Expand viewership across popular and long tail OTT content that align with viewing preferences, deepening engagement with audiences
  • Simplify and accelerate integrations across OTT services with normalized Gracenote data across providers

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