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Inspiring Next Generation TV Experiences

In today’s connected universe, data is as important to the movie and TV experience as great sound and pictures. Gracenote has curated descriptive information for millions of TV programs and movies, hundreds of thousands of celebrities, as well as sports scores and statistics for every major team and league on the planet. This data fuels the TV interfaces, and discovery and search features for the biggest names in TV and streaming video.

TV & Movies

Gracenote has the TV and movie industries covered with TV series and episodic descriptions, movie synopses, cast and crew, genres, moods and other descriptive characteristics. All carefully curated according to the strict editorial standards for quality.

Online Video Data

Gracenote has mapped data for millions of TV episodes, seasons and movies across popular on demand catalogs, such as Amazon, Netflix and Hulu. When combined with Gracenote IDs, this enables TV viewers to search across catalogs.

Celebrity Data

Gracenote has a Hollywood connection for Studio and Celebrity data. Photos, in-depth biographies, career milestones and personal highlights for thousands of actors, producers and directors, as well as writers and other below-the-line credits.

Sports Data

Gracenote Sports Data for Pay TV delivers in-depth sports scores, stats and coverage mapped to live sports event airings on TV. This is designed-for-TV-sports data is used to enrich on-screen guides, automatically extend DVR recordings for live games, and create live game status alerts and dynamic overlays to drive game tune-in and engagement.


Social Data

Social data has become increasingly important to the viewing experience. Gracenote catalogs and distributes official Twitter and Facebook handles for top TV programs and movies, enabling our customers to show what’s hot and trending.

Music Data

By integrating Gracenote Music Data and technologies, operators can create customized music video channels and services, help viewers identify artists featured on TV and enable search for related artist appearances on linear TV and on-demand programming.

Product Benefits

  • Gracenote is the first and only company to offer data across the world’s most popular and pervasive forms of entertainment – Movies, TV, Music and Sports.
  • Our data serves more than 85 countries and 35 languages, and is trusted by the world’s leading brands.
  • Gracenote’s strict editorial guidelines ensure consistently high quality data across datasets, categories and regions.
  • Datasets can be delivered via a number of reliable and flexible methods with near real-time updates.


  • TV Data: Series Description, Episodic Description, Rating, Runtime, Cast and Crew (seasons).
  • Movie Data: Synopsis, Rating, Runtime, Cast and Crew.
  • Celebrity Data: Primary Name, DOB, Gender, Birthplace, and Awards.
  • Enhanced Celebrity Data: Birth Name, AKAs, Ethnicity, Education, Profession, Family / Companions, Affiliations, Awards In-depth, Biography (short/long), Milestones, Bio Notes, Cause/Place of Death, Quotes, Social.
  • Sports Data: Scores, Statistics, Preview Descriptions, Facts & Figures, Team Rankings & Standings, Game Alerts, Leaders, Team Stats, Hit & Shot Charts, DVR Extend, Highlight Reels, Cross-Media Linking.
  • Social Data: Official TV Show and Movie Handles, Hashtags.
  • Music Data: Musical Artists, Album and Recordings with Key Descriptors including Genre, Mood, Era, Origin, Tempo.

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