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Hook Up Your Audience with the Hits

Facing the deluge of video content available, audiences want to easily find and watch the top TV shows and movies they’ll love. Gracenote Video Popularity Score provides standardized measurement of the most recognized TV shows and movies that can be used to surface topical programs in video guide discovery, recommendations and voice search results.

Robust Program Popularity Scores

Granular scores for TV series and movies are calculated based on viewership and awareness signals from a range of sources, including Nielsen, and taking recency into account. Refreshed daily, the precise scores drill deeper than basic rankings and can be used to fuel sophisticated recommendation algorithms.

Fuel Engaging Video Guides

Highlight popular content in discovery paths and recommendations, enabling audiences to easily find and engage with the most recognized TV shows and movies. Ability to identify top titles to license and prioritize for internal editorial curation –  ensuring top content is featured with fresh, compelling descriptions and imagery.

Sharpen Voice Search Results

By taking into account the most recognized programs around the country across linear TV, OTT as well as at the box office, improves the accuracy in determining user intent for voice commands and queries. Prioritize popular TV shows and movies in search results giving consumers a better user experience and driving deeper engagement with content.

Key Features

  • Numeric popularity scores for TV series and movies representing the majority of the US domestic population’s recognition level of a program
  • Scores are refreshed on a daily basis, and are weighted towards newer content
  • Data sources cover viewership and awareness signals aggregated across Nielsen and Gracenote
  • Gracenote IDs across all content enable connectivity and cross media linking

Benefits for Customers

Gracenote Video Popularity Score is a new data set building on core Gracenote Video Data to power next-gen discovery experiences, allowing audiences to more easily find and watch content they’ll love.

  • Access a complete and unbiased picture of program popularity based on a diverse set of viewership and social signals
  • Surface the nation’s most talked about and watched programs in search results, suggestions and discovery paths in TV and video guides
  • Fuel search and recommendation algorithms with a score distribution that truly approximates the relative popularity of programs, going beyond simple rankings
  • Identify titles to add to content catalog and/or prioritize for internal editorial curation
  • More accurately determine user intent and disambiguate voice search queries

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