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Audience Predict

Forecast Program Performance

With Gracenote Audience Predict, content creators and distributors alike can gain prescient insight into content performance to inform better decisions around content scheduling, licensing and acquisition across streaming and linear TV amid an increasingly complex industry landscape.


Find The Right Shows For Your Platform

Understand how different shows or movies could perform on a streaming platform or network before committing to a licensing agreement. Gracenote Audience Predict forecasts audiences across different program and distribution scenarios.

Understand When Content Viewership Rises, Falls or Plateaus

Glean insights around viewers tuning in or out to certain programming. Gracenote Audience Predict provides an understanding of how audiences will change under future conditions to inform renewal, availability and cancellation decisions.

Unlock Your Content’s Potential

Content creators invest resources, money and vision into their programming and it’s critical to garner audience eyeballs. Gracenote Audience Predict helps creators understand what types of distribution strategies will result in desired viewership.

Key Features

  • Intuitive web application
  • Predict performance for programming across streaming and linear TV
    – Projected Nielsen ratings and audience composition across linear TV networks
    – Projected minutes viewed and audience composition across streaming platforms
  • User-specified inputs to customize distribution scenarios
  • Confidence levels assigned for each prediction

    Customers Benefits

    • Make predictions for acquisitions, scheduling, ad sales, and other use cases
    • Predictions built on rich Nielsen and Gracenote databases with extensive coverage of linear networks and digital platforms
    • Use models built on trusted datasets with the latest ML algorithms
    • Predict specific future situations by setting up detailed scenarios
    • Bring Nielsen’s third party objective predictions to negotiations and strategy discussions
    • Save time, bypassing manual estimation processes that can be spent on analysis

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