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Enlightening Entertainment Distribution Decision-Making

The video landscape is transforming with increasing volumes of content, escalating competition across viewing platforms and new revenue streams. Gracenote Distribution Insights offers dashboard analytics across the world’s content catalogs, illuminating the video distribution landscape. With Distribution Insights, content owners and buyers are empowered to guide content strategies and make smarter decisions to help drive broader reach and increased revenue from TV shows and movies.

Analyze Content Catalogs

Access unparalleled insights into content catalogs from around the world, including leading OTT providers. Identify market trends across content portfolios, find areas of saturation for particular content genres and other categories, as well as white-space opportunities.

Evaluate Program Distribution

Get a clear view into the total global reach of every program. Chart where and when TV shows and movies are are available currently and historically across linear TV networks as well as on demand  – SVOD, TVOD & AVOD sources.

Inform Content Strategies

Guide optimal content strategies, including program licensing and acquisition decisions to derive more value from content. Content owners can optimize licensing across their entire catalog, while content buyers can inform content acquisition decisions to differentiate programming and maximize viewership.

Key Features

Single, intuitive application with easy to understand data visualizations

Current and historical program distribution and availability window details

Analytics built upon Gracenote’s world-class video and studio data sets, leveraging persistent Gracenote IDs

Normalized Distribution Score assigned to every program


Content catalog intelligence, including program-level details

Filter, sort and search catalogs by key program criteria

Gracenote Distribution Insights Informs Smarter Licensing & Acquisition

Benefits for Content Owners

  • Track your programming across global distributor platforms
  • Get insights into distribution trends including areas of saturation and white-space within distributors
  • Evaluate distributor portfolios and identify targets for licensing opportunities
  • Develop customized content licensing packages for target distributors
  • Optimize sales across your portfolio, including long tail content

Benefits for Content Buyers

  • Understand your own catalog and benchmark against competitor counter-programming
  • Get insights into distribution trends including areas of saturation and white-space within your own catalog
  • Identify target content for acquisition opportunities
  • Guide building out your content portfolio to differentiate against your competitive set
  • Find programs to acquire to engage your target audience and maximize viewership


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