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Highly Personalized Video Content Discovery

The choices for TV viewers have exploded with hundreds of channels and almost unlimited on-demand programming. Gracenote Advanced Discovery helps viewers cut through the clutter by providing tailored, relevant movie and TV suggestions that adapt in real-time to viewing taste and habits.

Real-Time User Based Suggestions

Develop unique viewer portraits that include their TV and movie preferences, and evolve each time they interact with the TV platform, becoming richer and more precise. Viewers can receive personalized program picks in real-time, taking into account their seasonal interests and up-to-the minute changes in viewing interests and habits.

Multidimensional Content Suggestions

Each program is assigned a unique semantic profile based on key themes and detailed descriptors that dive deeper than the typical genre. This enables related content suggestions that go beyond standard lists of similar TV shows and movies.


Simple explanations of the logic behind each content suggestion helps viewers understand why each pick is relevant to them. When viewers can connect the dots and understand why a TV program or movie is being suggested for them, it helps build confidence in the system and encourages engagement.

Powerful Platform, Easy Integration

The Gracenote Advanced Discovery engine powers relevant, highly customized suggestions, using sophisticated semantic analysis across content and user data, popularity trends and more. With the discovery engine pre-integrated with Gracenote world-class metadata and IDs across TV, movies and sports events, customers can implement and go-to-market quickly.

Product Benefits

  • Drive viewer engagement with highly personalized and relevant content suggestions
  • Provide relevant suggestions in real-time, corresponding to each viewer’s tastes and preferences in the current moment
  • Increase subscriber satisfaction and reduce churn
  • Access clear explanations behind content suggestions, providing transparency and building trust
  • Promote wider catalog exposure by offering unexpected, yet relevant fresh content suggestions
  • Reduce time to market and costs, with a discovery engine pre-integrated with Gracenote metadata and IDs across TV, movies and sports events

Global Support

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe


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