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Deep Content Understanding Drives Next-Gen Discovery

The choices for TV viewers have exploded with hundreds of channels and almost unlimited on-demand programming. Gracenote Video Descriptors empowers pay TV operators, OTT services and smart device manufacturers to help their viewers find new programs they’ll love – without getting stuck scrolling endlessly through carousels, reverting to stale yet familiar choices or disengaging.

Enriched Content Metadata

Authentic, granular keywords capture the distinctive story and context of each unique TV show and movie. Structured hierarchically and curated by Gracenote’s world-class editorial team, the program descriptors precisely classify content across mood, theme, scenario and more.

Deep Program Correlations

Relate programs with one another across a spectrum of attributes with hierarchical keyword sets. Going beyond connecting movies about “heists” with one another, they can be related more specifically to movies with ‘heists gone wrong’ or more broadly with other related scenarios such as “escape,” “pursuit” and “rescue.”

Next-Gen Search & Discovery

With Video Descriptors, customers can power nuanced and personalized discovery experiences for audiences. Extend compelling program suggestions aligned with individual viewer tastes across the extent of vast content catalogs, exposing audiences to undiscovered content beyond top popular titles.

Product Benefits

Gracenote Video Descriptors is a revolutionary new data set building on core Gracenote Video Data to power next-gen discovery experiences, allowing audiences to more easily find and watch content they’ll love.

  • Relate TV show and movie suggestions across deep, multidimensional content profiles
  • Offer nuanced discovery paths and highly personalized recommendations
  • Build highly engaging guides and UX
  • Expose undiscovered shows and movies alongside popular program suggestions across content catalogs
  • Provide pinpoint accuracy across text and voice search
  • Structured data and common Gracenote ID framework enable cross-linking content across linear TV, VOD and OTT sources
  • Increase audience satisfaction, engagement and loyalty

Key Features

  • All-new bounded taxonomy
  • Keyword classifications across
    • Mood
    • Theme
    • Scenario
    • Character
    • Concept Source
    • Setting 
    • Subject
  • Hierarchical structured descriptor sets for each classification type
  • Granular, ultra-precise keyword descriptors
  • Broad content coverage across popular and long tail titles
  • Gracenote IDs across all data

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