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The Portal to Gracenote Video Data

Gracenote View is your user-friendly web application entrance to Gracenote’s aggregated Video data. In today’s complex entertainment landscape, Gracenote View lets you quickly track program airings across over 50 countries globally, as well as easily look up and retrieve Gracenote Video Data including program details, imagery and IDs.


Provide the Best In-Class Entertainment Experience

  • Look-up and download Gracenote’s program metadata, imagery & IDs
  • Create new UI experiences
  • Promote content in various ways


Ensure Superior Quality on all your Distribution Channels

  • Track schedules and program airings across linear TV schedules
  • Validate deep links to enable proper search & discovery
  • Benchmark against competitor programming


Confirm Airings and Proper Monetization

  • Reconcile content airings and streaming royalties
  • Audit for performance royalties
  • Manage paid programming buys

To access the Gracenote View web application, click here.

Key Features

  • Access to Gracenote world-class video data sets – descriptive details, imagery library and industry-standard IDs via Program Details
  • Real-time reporting across linear TV schedules in over 50 countries via Schedules report
  • Reconcile program airings for monetization and auditing purposes across a region or a station via Program Airings report
  • Verify content with ease and speed with selecting User Preferences and using My Saved Items to run repetitive reports

Benefits for Customers

Stakeholders across organizations can access Gracenote Video data in order to accelerate and enhance internal business initiatives:

  • MVPD, CE Device, Digital Service: Streamline activities ranging from guide and interface quality assurance to programming promotion
  • Broadcaster/Network: Fuel informed programming decision-making
  • Studio: Reconcile content airings and streaming royalties
  • Agency, Advertiser: Confirm airings of programming buys
  • Artist, Producer: Reconcile performance royalties


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