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Inclusion Analytics

Diversity Insights Across TV Talent and Viewers

Designed to accelerate diversity and equity in media, Gracenote Inclusion Analytics illuminates representation of on-screen talent compared with audience diversity. The solution empowers content owners, distributors and brands to make better informed decisions around inclusive content investments.


Access Inclusion Data & Metrics

Quantify how representative a program’s cast is compared with the diversity of the viewing audience and general population – based on identity group characteristics including gender, race, ethnicity and sexuality

Grow Diverse Content Catalogs & Viewership

Evaluate inclusion metrics across catalogs, identify opportunities for more diverse programming, curate portfolios as well as support discovery of inclusive content to engage and grow a diverse audience

Target Advertising to Inclusive Content Viewers

Identify audience segments who watch diverse content for targeted ad messaging opportunities, as well as underscore the value of inclusive programming based on diverse cast

Accelerate Diversity & Equity in Entertainment

Ensure programming reflects evolving diversity in audiences as well as find and address disconnects between programming and key audience groups, helping to advance visibility and representation

More Inclusive Content, More Value

With actionable inclusivity insights, content creators, distributors and brands can make smarter investments in inclusive content that is engaging today’s increasingly diverse audiences.

Nielsen Diverse Intelligence Series Report: Inclusion On TV

To support the media and entertainment ecosystem with insights essential to understanding the current condition and driving towards a more equitable future, Nielsen has released an inaugural report on inclusion in TV, based upon Gracenote Inclusion Analytics.

Key Features

  • Inclusion data set and analytics built from industry-leading trusted Gracenote Studio, Video and Celebrity Data and Nielsen Ratings
  • Share of Screen metrics quantifying representation among top lead cast members of a program, compared with diversity of the program viewing audience and the general population
  • Metrics across 60+ identity groups based on characteristics including gender, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation

Customers Benefits

  • Align investments in diverse talent and inclusive content development, licensing, discovery and advertising with today’s diverse audiences
  • Support increased visibility of underrepresented groups across the media and entertainment ecosystem
  • Gain actionable insights:
    • Content creators can benchmark portfolios and highlight inclusive content for licensing or ad sales opportunities
    • Content distributors can curate catalogs, identifying opportunities for content acquisition and support discovery of diverse programs
    • Brands can target inclusive content for ad investment and product placement opportunities

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