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Personalized Imagery

Personalize Discovery with Personalized Imagery

Today, entertainment providers no longer have to rely on a single image to visually merchandise content in TV and video guides. Gracenote Personalized Imagery offers sets of differentiated images that convey different key aspects of a program. With Gracenote Personalized Imagery, entertainment providers can display images tailored to individual viewer preferences in order to better visually merchandise content and drive a lift in the number of titles and minutes watched per visitor.

Customer Pilot Validates Lift in Engagement

A 6-month test by a top streaming service showed that using Gracenote Personalized Imagery drove a lift in key consumption metrics:


Hours Watched per Visitor

for set of 1,000 titles tested


Titles Watched Per Visitor

for set of 1,000 titles tested

By intelligently presenting the most resonant program images for each viewer, the streaming provider moved the needle on KPIs which benefited their business.

Next Level Discovery & Engagement

Visually Merchandise Content

Display imagery in video guides that highlights different key aspects of content that appeal most to each user

Increase Viewership

Drive a lift in the the number of programs watched by viewers, as well as in time spent viewing

Boost Audience Satisfaction

Enable viewers to more easily find and watch TV shows and movies that align with their specific interests

Personalized Imagery sets are curated leveraging industry-leading Gracenote Video Descriptors to visually surface different compelling facets of a program’s storyline and context as well as the starring cast members, in order resonate with varying individual viewer interests. With Gracenote Personalized Imagery, drive audience engagement by displaying captivating, customized TV and movie images in program guides.

Key Features 

  • Sets of differentiated program images selected based on the scenes depicted capturing the essence of one or more key Gracenote Video Descriptors classifying the program across Mood, Theme, Scenario, Subject, Setting and more
  • Images tagged with relevant Gracenote Video Descriptors and Celebrities
  • Variety of standard image sizes and ratios

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