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Automated TV Channel Distribution Monitoring Across India

As the placement of TV channels changes daily across pay TV operators in India, broadcasters need to constantly monitor channel presence and placement to ensure proper distribution for audience viewership and ratings. Gracenote’s breakthrough new TV Street Maps 2.0 provides automated, timestamped TV channel distribution monitoring. It’s the most credible, current and clear-cut way to monitor channel availability across digital cable headends throughout India.

Precise TV Channel Data

TV Street Maps 2.0 provides TV channel lineup monitoring data from pay TV operators that is automatically captured and updated daily, and in many cases multiple times per day. Data is geo-tagged and timestamped, providing enhanced accuracy and credibility.

Robust Analytics & Reporting

Featuring live and intuitive data dashboards, TV Street Maps 2.0 provides comprehensive reporting on channel availability and placement. Near real-time SMS messages alert customers of channel placement shifts, enabling them to stay up to date even while on-the-go.

Technology & Field Operations

Powering TV Street Maps 2.0 is a scalable, flexible technology platform synced with remote capture devices in reference homes across India. A highly skilled field team coordinates implementation across each headend footprint and performs technical monitoring and issue resolution.

Product Benefits

  • Access the most accurate, current and comprehensive TV channel distribution monitoring data available in the India market
  • Stay up-to-date with change alerts in near real time
  • Improve operator compliance with timestamped, credible monitoring data
  • Better assess the impact of channel distribution health on viewership and ratings
  • Rely on a trusted partner providing innovative technology and data supported by a highly skilled field operations team

Support Across India

  • 2600+ cities/towns including remote regions
  • Coverage across all digital cable headends


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